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how it works

How it works

Applying for payday and instalment loans

In order to apply with KwikCash, you'll need to be employed, at least 18 years old and a resident of the UK with a UK bank account. Once you fill in the KwikCash application form, we send your information to the lenders we work with in order to find you a match. You can choose the maximum time you want to repay over. Payday loans are usually around 28 days and instalment loans are up to 6 months long.

You won't receive any application charges from KwikCash, even if you're approved for a loan. If approved, you'll be put through to the lender to confirm your application - this usually only takes a few minutes. If your application is accepted, most lenders get cash to you the same day. While some can take a little longer, others can be as fast as the same hour you apply.

You will be under no obligation to accept any loans you are offered, so if you are not happy with the loan terms, you can simply choose not to accept it, and you will not be charged anything by the lender.

Repaying payday and instalment loans

Your payday or instalment loan will be repaid using your application information on a date agreed with you (or multiple dates if you're taking out an instalment loan). Your lender will show you all the information about repayment before you accept the loan offer, so you'll know all about the repayment before you agree to anything. A payday loan is usually repaid in one repayment, which covers the loan amount, lender charges and interest. An instalment loan uses a number of repayments, up to 6 instalments. While you may repay more overall with an instalment loan, many find them more manageable due to the lower monthly repayments. Rates will vary between lenders. If you are accepted, please make sure to read the lender’s FAQs, terms and conditions so you are clear about the loan you are accepting.



Our most commonly asked questions

What are payday and instalment loans?

Payday loans are short term loans designed to help you deal with financial emergencies until your next payday. They are usually for up to 28 days. Instalment loans are similar, but repaid over a number of months. The instalment lenders KwikCash work with usually offer instalment loans up to 6 months. You can select the maximum amount of time you wish to repay over, which will be taken into consideration with your application.

Can I apply?

In order to apply, you need to be at least 18 years old, and an employed UK resident with a UK bank account.

How do I apply?

Just fill in our quick form with your contact, employment and bank details and we'll send it straight to the lenders we work with. If you're approved, you'll receive a loan offer in minutes.

Do you charge a fee?

There are no application fees with Kwikcash! We work directly with lenders on a commission basis, so it doesn't affect your application at all.

How quickly do I receive the money?

It varies between lenders. Some can get you the cash in the same hour you apply. Most can do it the same day. Some can take up to 48 hours.

How do I repay my loan?

You repay automatically using your debit card, and this is set up when you apply. As long as you have the money in your account, you don't need to remember to make any payments. It's done for you. Your loan will be repaid with just one repayment with payday loans, and on a monthly basis for instalment loans. If accepted, your lender will give you a complete breakdown of repayments before you are under any obligations.

What is Continuous Payment Authority?

Some lenders use CPA (continuous payment authority) to retrieve payment. This means that you authorise the lender to withdraw the funds from your bank account. They can also make multiple attempts to withdraw the money if it is not available. If you want to cancel your CPA, you can do this by contacting the lender or by contacting your bank and requesting a cancellation.

How much do payday and instalment loans cost?

It varies between lenders, so always check the agreement if you're accepted. As a rough idea, payday loans are usually £29 for each £100 you borrow for a 28 day period. In some cases, this can vary. Instalment loans vary more because of the different times the loans are for. Please see our charges page for more, along with the representative example on the right.

I was just trying to apply for a loan and it’s directed me to another site!

If your application has been accepted (or provisionally accepted), we will forward you to that lenders' site. The information will also be emailed to you (check your junk mail as well).

A field is showing up red on the application form. Why?

This usually means that a field either needs to be filled in, or has been incorrectly filled in. Please check that field.

Responsible Lending

Responsible Lending

KwikCash is proud to be a responsible payday loans broker. With everything that we do, we always work to keep the following aims in mind:

  • We will not encourage customers to take out a pay day loan if we are aware it is not suitable for them.
  • We will not aim our advertising directly at people who are have long term financial issues, including those who are unemployed.
  • We will not encourage anyone directly to borrow more than they will be able to repay
  • We will not charge our customers application fees
     On top of that we also:
  • aim to give everyone who reads the site a clear, full, understanding of our services
  • follow legal and ethical marketing practices

If you feel we are doing anything that doesn’t live up to these aims, please contact us and tell us.

Where to get advice

There is plenty of free advice available online. We recommend starting at the Citizens Advice Bureau, or the Government debt advice site You can also go to an independent debt advice charity. All of these should offer free advice – do be wary of anywhere that offers to help you with debt in return for a fee.


If you haven’t looked at your budget to decide whether or not you can afford a payday loan, you really should. If you won’t have enough money coming in to pay it back comfortably, it could be a much more expensive way to borrow than it is intended to be. You can find plenty of good budgeting information online.

Implications of Non-Payment

We always recommend repaying on time and our representative examples assume that you will. If you are unable to pay on time, each lender has their own policies with regards to fees and interest, and how they collect outstanding debts. Some lenders may pursue claimants by legal means in the event of repeated non-payment. Most will contact you by phone or letter in order to rearrange payment. Non-payment may result in charges and/or raised interest and may affect your credit score.

Renewal Policy

If you wish to renew your loan, you should contact your lender in advance. Most lenders will charge the same rate of interest and fees for another month on the entire amount owed. In the event of non-payment, a loan renewal/extension could be automatic and further interest and/or charges may be added to your account.


You may have the opportunity to roll over your loan, which means paying off the interest earned to date and continuing to gain interest on the original loan amount over an extended term. This interest will most likely be at the same rate of interest that the original loan was charged at. Some lenders may insist on a rollover as opposed to a renewal.

Repeated loans

You may be misusing payday loans if you are continually taking out more and more, for more money each time. Please consider independent advice and taking a serious look at your budget.

Short term loans

Payday loans are designed to be short term products, and are not suitable to help with long term financial problems. If you’re constantly borrowing to cover normal household expenses, you may be experiencing longer term debt issues.

Representative 2670% APR
Representative Example:
Borrow £500 for 28 days
Total in one repayment:
Interest rate p.a:
378% (fixed)
Interest Payable:

Representative 2670% APR